Endorsements for It’s Not What I Know … It’s How I Learned It

“I enjoyed this book so much, I gave it to my 17 year old Grandson to read. Overcoming life’s challenges makes us the person God intended us to be. Reading the book IT’S NOT WHAT I KNOW …IT’S HOW I LEARNED IT taught me how other people are successful in life & in business, and showed me how I can Win, In life & business. Dick thanks for sharing your story with us all!”

Giles Ouellette

“Why read this book? It is about overcoming adversity and never giving up. If you want to be successful, you must understand the process and enjoy the ride. This is a must read for those who have had adversity and didn’t let it define them but used it as a learning experience.”

Dr Roy King

“Great read. You get a good insight to the author’s life. This can be applicable to the reader’s life as well. I know I can take what I learned from the book and feel comfortable in some of the business decisions I am currently making.
Dick, Thank you for this book and thank you for your service to our country.”

Greg Hawkins DMD

“After finishing this book, I was filled with inspiration. Seeing how Richard never gave up on himself allowed me to again believe to never give up on my dreams.”

AnnaMarie Staub

“If only I could have forced myself to have learned from those who had ‘been there, done that’. This book is about integrity, perseverance, attitude, and leadership. If only there were more people who lived life like the author, our world would be a better place. This is a book that you definitely pass on to a young and upcoming professional, who is eager to learn and better themselves.”

Mark Mosier DDS FAGD

“This book gives new insights into the ordeals that our military confronted in Vietnam. Those who abused our military Vietnam veterans should read this. The statistics and comment found on pages 120 through 125 are very interesting.

Again, most of us ignored our support of the people of Nicaragua against the cruel Sandinistas. And like the war in Vietnam, many others were opposed to involvement. Dr. Liposky and people like him should be honored for their voluntary service to their country and those destitute countries.

Additionally, being an outsider to the medical profession, it was a revelation to me, to find that there was so much political infighting. Being a lay person I thought all Medical Professionals stuck together and defended each other. And of Course, like all the rest of us, they have the Government bureaucracy to deal with.

This book makes for some fine and interesting reading.

Dick Sooley

“I really enjoyed your book. It was a great read and very enlightening on how I should approach business. I think my favorite parts of the book were about all of your struggles overseas. I can only imagine how much a person has to grow up when faced with the issues that so many of our troops are faced with every day. Many of them don’t get the respect they deserve for how easy they make things in the United States. For this I want to say thank you.

I also was able to relate with your book because I also grew up around a golf course. From the time I was 7 my dad had a golf club in my hand. What a great game it truly is.

I just wanted to pass on how well written I thought your book was. If I can ever be of assistance fell free to ask.

Chris Thomason

VP Of Operations / GM, WG Wireless

Really enjoyed your book! Impressed with the perseverance of your career in spite of all the road blocks, and the fact that your wife stayed with you through it all!! Give her my regards.

Some of the parts that resonated with me.

“Rows are a little crooked.” That statement is what is missing in the current generation raising children. No matter what the kids do it’s always great. What happens in adulthood when they find that it’s not great? They never learned to have high standards.

The green wax mold–“trim ever so little.” …”I never touched it.’ “you took too much off. Start over.” reminded of a story my brother told us after he finished his glass blowing class in college. He kept getting Cs on all his models. Another student in the class told him not to worry as the professor was only getting Cs himself. “What do you mean by that?” my brother asked. The student confessed that he had been turning in the professor’s glass blowing examples as his own work and also getting Cs.

“Larry graduated from dental school.” Wow, I’m glad he wasn’t my dentist!

There’s professional discourteousness in every field. Maybe it’s due to immaturity or resentment or maybe it’s just good versus evil in the world. It’s very plain in some of the headlines we read each day, and very covert in other instances. I felt it a lot as a science major in college, with only male students in some of my classes. In one class all the males had this superior attitude.

During one lab we had to separate the white from the yolk of an egg. I started and continued on the lab aware that none of the males could separate the egg. I determined I would wait until one of them actually asked me to do it for him. Finally, after a lot of eggs were wasted, one of them had the courage to ask. I cracked the eggs for all of them and never said a word.

Thanks for publishing your life story. It’s important for others to read it. I’ll pass the book along to my kids and my brother who was in Vietnam as well. Thanks for being a Vet.

The Nov. 11 Vietnam Veterans Day Memorial in DC is a wonderful gathering.


I wanted to comment on your book: IT’S NOT WHAT I KNOW… IT’S HOW I LEARNED IT is a great read for anyone who has been in the business world and have faced both personal and professional challenges on their way to a fulfilling life and career. I would also highly recommend Dr. Liposky’s book to any young man or woman who is beginning their professional career in any industry. I wish I had the opportunity to read this twenty years ago.

Joseph R. Rearden

First Vice President, Morgan Stanley

“Rarely will you come across a book that is not only touching but authentic, motivating, inspiring, and empowering. It combines life’s experiences with advice and encouragement with practical tips. This is a must read for anyone looking to gain knowledge on ways to succeed both in business and in everyday life from an Author that walked the walk!”

Mark V. Migliore

Director of Business Development, Naylor LLC

“Rarely do I find a book that satisfyingly combines several genres at once, but Dr. Richard Liposky has done it. His book is a well-written and compelling memoir that pulls you through his interesting life, while also laying out his successful and hard-earned business philosophy, which any reader will find valuable and worth their time.”

Richard Lenz

Founder and President, Lenz, Inc.

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