Endorsements for Grandpa and Andy

“Dr. Liposky has given us a memorable glimpse into a relationship of grandfather, mentor, and teacher. We all need to find and learn to be in this kind of relationship.”

Jim Stovall

Bestselling Author of the Ultimate Gift

“Richard ‘Dick’ Liposky incites through the words on these pages are rewarding and insightful. Dick illustrates how words and phrases can be teaching tools with measured results. An enjoyable read and lessons to be learned wrapped with a special gift: empathy.”

Jody Victor

Business CEO and Leader, Entrepreneur, US Army Veteran, Grandfather

“Dr. Liposky once again has written a powerful book of inspiration and gratitude, every word ringing with truth, kindness and the beauty of the human spirit. It glows with inner light and practical wisdom. All of us can learn from his experiences.”

Mark V. Migliore

Senior Vice President Sales, LaunchPad Media Management

“What a timely book! Dick Liposky has given us an important reminder that relationships matter, that the people we care about matter, that God has always focused on generational connections. You will learn valuable lessons for your life from this special book.”

Ron Ball

Speaker, best-selling author and host of the TV show Choose Greatness: Your Key to a Happier Life on TBN Salsa

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